STOMP Out Youth Tobacco Use

What is STOMP?

Merchant Education Materials

Merchant education is an essential part of tobacco control and prevention. The point of sale is the front line of defense for youth tobacco use. By educating the merchants on the age of sale and the proper way to check an I.D. we can help reduce youth tobacco use. You can help STOMP Out Youth Tobacco Use by educating your community. This program is part of a comprehensive approach to tobacco control and is considered a best practice to help reduce the non-compliance rates in NJ. Below are some of the components to this program.


Below you will find downloadable documents to help prepare to educate the merchants of your region. You can download the responsible retailer pledge, merchant education script & educational materials for schools. To receive your stickers and palm cards to educate tobacco retailers on the new age of sale and the STOMP 21 Campaign in your target communities please fill out the appropriate order form at the bottom of this page. A regional Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ coordinator will provide technical assistance to you and your coalitions to schedule and set-up tobacco retailer audits, to help pass policy that will reduce youth tobacco use and youth exposure to tobacco advertising.

Great American STOMP(Smoke)out

The Great American Smokeout is an annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS). It is held on the third Thursday of November. This social engineering event focuses on encouraging Americans to quit tobacco smoking. People are challenged to stop smoking for at least 24 hours assuming that their decision not to smoke will last longer, hopefully forever. Today, more than 43 million people in the United States smoke cigarettes, that is about 1 in 5 adults.  Tobacco Free for Healthy NJ wants you to help us educate merchants about NJ laws to increase awareness of cessation opportunities and post them in their stores! Below are materials to help you prepare for the Great American STOMPout. 


School personnel are key partners in tobacco prevention as they have the attention of our youth.  The Great American Smokeout is a great opportunity to teach youth about the dangers of tobacco products. Below are some resources for schools. 


Coalitions help implement  a comprehensive approach  to tobacco prevention by bringing  education, programs &  other resources to the community. The resources below will help you find best practices. 


When it comes to preventing teens from using tobacco or helping them quit, parents and other caring adults can take several steps. First, you can set an example & choose not to smoke or use other tobacco products. Modeling desirable behavior is the start of helping your child live a tobacco-free life. 


Merchants are the front line of defense in decreasing youth access. It is essential to follow the state law by not selling to those under 21. Below are some resources for merchants to comply with this law and support our communities. 

Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey is funded through the New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Control

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