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Atlantic City needs to be a

Clean, Safe and Healthy environment

for it's returning guests and employees

now more than ever

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Our Mission


Our mission is to educate and advocate for Atlantic City Casinos to remain 100% Smoke Free to protect the health and safety of over 22,000 casino employees and all guests visiting Atlantic City.

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. 
Secondhand smoke is a top preventable cause of disease and death, killing 42,000 Americans every year. Secondhand smoke is also a risk factor for susceptibility to more severe COVID-19 symptoms because of the demonstrative impact it has on underlying health conditions including heart disease, diminished lung function, and associated risk of respiratory illnesses.

Now more than ever is a crucial time to address health and wellness. Smoke Free air protects the health and safety of all employees and guests including those who have respiratory, cardiovascular, and all those most susceptible to COVID-19.
Just as social distancing and hand washing help to prevent the spread of disease, eliminating second and thirdhand smoke is critical in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 


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The information gathered will be used to evaluate

the opinions of employees and guests towards

smoking in Atlantic City Casinos

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Should Atlantic City Casinos Restrict Smoking Indoors?


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Casino News


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Will Marijuana Join Alcohol on the Floors of Atlantic City Casinos?

"...marijuana is not going to be the magic elixir that helps bring people back to the casinos. In fact, he’ll be surprised if smoking cigarettes — currently banned on the casino floor due to COVID — makes its way back.”


Keep smoking ban in place inside N.J. casinos

"All New Jerseyans should be able to enjoy Atlantic City’s casinos without risking their health. Reverting back, despite everything we’ve learned during the pandemic, would be a grave mistake..."


American Nonsmokers' Rights

Reopening Smokefree: The New Normal

"For casinos and hospitality sector businesses, now is the logical time to go smokefree indoors... Many businesses are making that plan..."


  • Hand to mouth contact (the smoking action) easily increases spread


  • Any NJ restaurant that reopened with outdoor dining is required to enforce a 100% Smoke Free policy anywhere food and beverage is consumed per Executive Order 150

Learn more about COVID-19 and Tobacco

  • Thirdhand Smoke Researchers warn that COVID-19 could be spread via particles exhaled in smoking or vaping


  • Just as social distancing and hand washing help prevent the spread, eliminating secondhand smoke is critical


  • Smokers are among population at higher risk for developing      more serious complications from COVID-19 illness

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