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#TobaccoFreeNJ News

Welcome to our 1st issue of #TobaccoFreeNJ quarterly newsletter for 2022, created to keep you in the know. Tobacco-Free for a Healthy NJ is a comprehensive tobacco prevention and cessation program funded by the NJ Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Control, which works to reduce tobacco use and the negative impact of secondhand smoke in all counties of New Jersey.



BREAKING NEWS: S4114 was signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy on 1/18/22. This Bill requires certain Tobacco Retailers that sell any tobacco product to maintain a stock of, and offer for retail sale, at least one type of nicotine replacement therapy drug, device, or combination product that has been approved for cessation. Informational signage for the NJ

Quitline is also required.


Tobacco Prevention Highlights

Take Down Tobacco

On April 1st, we will be celebrating Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action. This day, a project of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, empowers people to stand up and speak out against the tobacco industry. Tobacco-Free for a Healthy NJ will be working with youth and community members to raise awareness, participate in activities and engage in conversations aimed at reducing tobacco use and initiation. Make sure to keep an eye out for campaign materials, social media messaging and opportunities to join Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action this spring!

CLICK HERE to learn more!


Click Below for More Information on NJ's Cessation Resources!



Why Point of Sale Matters?

The retail space is where tobacco products enter our communities.. The tobacco industry cares a great deal about this retail space spending an estimated $153.5 million on advertising, promotions and product placement in our New Jersey stores each year. These ads and displays prompt youth tobacco use initiation. In New Jersey, approximately 1860 tobacco retailers are located within a quarter mile from a school. Additionally, tobacco retailers are often clustered in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The greater number of stores and their proximity to schools, parks and homes contribute to greater tobacco use, less quit attempts, poorer health and shorter lives. These factors are drivers for disparities in tobacco use rates.

NJ law prohibits the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and coupon promotions for tobacco products including e-cigarettes at the point of sale, however, according to our local partners around the state, these products and coupon promotions are often still in place in retail stores. In response, Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ is preparing a second mailing to licensed tobacco retailers to inform them of the new laws and provide resources for checking identification so that they are not selling tobacco products to those under 21.

Want to get involved?

Click below for resources to assist your point of sale education and policy advocacy efforts.

To view previously recorded webinars regarding Point of Sale, CLICK HERE!


Ready to Quit Vaping? Text VAPEFREENJ to 88709!


Health Equity Impact

Tobacco Is A Social Justice Issue

Tobacco-Free for a Healthy NJ is taking an in-depth look at tobacco use through the lens of social justice and health equity as we begin the new year. Though tobacco use is the number one leading cause of preventable death; the targeting of vulnerable populations, such as communities of color, LGBTQ+, military personnel, and people with mental health conditions, by the tobacco industry has put a disproportionate burden of health inequity on these people. By educating our community members and bringing to light these issues, TFHNJ will be working to strengthen efforts in advancing racial and health equity.


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