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Welcome to our 4th issue of the #TobaccoFreeNJ quarterly newsletter for 2021 created to keep you in the know. Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ is a comprehensive tobacco prevention and cessation program funded by the NJ Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Control, which works to reduce tobacco use and the negative impact of secondhand smoke in all counties of New Jersey.


FDA Approval of Marketing of Vuse!

BREAKING NEWS: “In its first authorization of an e-cigarette product, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Vuse Solo, made by R.J. Reynolds, can continue to be sold in tobacco flavor, but it denied 10 unspecified Vuse Solo flavors and made no decision on its menthol e-cigarette.”



My name is Marietta Clendaniel and I started smoking

cigarettes at the age of 13. Forty years later—I was still

smoking but, by then, I hated everything about it—the

taste and the smell made me sick. And yet, I continued.

Through the years, I tried to quit many times but nothing worked. I desperately wanted to quit as I puffed away—my brain and heart screaming at me to put it out.

Even being diagnosed with COPD and the beginning

stages of emphysema didn’t stop my horrible habit. I

continued to smoke because I was an addict.

Trying to quit was the hardest battle I ever fought in my life, but I would not give up. Marietta did it with the help of Inspira’s Quit Center. This free, scientifically developed approach brings together advanced scientific methods shown to help people quit nicotine – all in one comprehensive program.

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Tobacco Prevention Highlights

The Great American Smokeout

The Great American Smokeout (GASO) is an annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS). This event focuses on encouraging Americans to quit tobacco smoking. People are challenged to stop smoking for at least 24 hours as a first step in their quit journey. This year GASO is November 18, 2021.

Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ theme for 2021 is “Breaking Up with Tobacco/Vaping. There is a Tobacco Free Tuesday webinar recording available here:

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