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#TobaccoFreeNJ News

Welcome to our 3rd issue of the #TobaccoFreeNJ quarterly newsletter for 2021 created to keep you in the know. Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ is a comprehensive tobacco prevention and cessation program funded by the NJ Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Control, which works to reduce tobacco use and the negative impact of secondhand smoke in all counties of New Jersey.



Make The Casino Smoking Ban Permanent!

BREAKING NEWS: “No matter what the casino industry pitches – separate smoking areas, improved HVAC systems, etc. – there is no risk-free model of second-hand exposure. Or, to put it another way, “No one deserves to work in an ashtray,” Casino Employee Vitale says.


Click Below for More Information on NJ's Cessation Resources!


Smoke-Free AC: Bet On Health

The Smoke Free AC Coalition held an event on the Atlantic City Boardwalk on June 30th that attracted over 100 supporters and half a dozen news agencies. Advocates and casino employees spoke out, followed by a walk down the boardwalk. American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation was a valuable supporter in organizing this event.

Despite the fact that smoking returned during the July 4th weekend, the coalition continues their work. All New Jersey Employees deserve to breathe clean air!

Visit SmokeFree AC to learn more!


New Jersey Seniors Take the Pledge!

Residents from North Bergen, Paterson and Sparta senior housing took the Smoke Free Housing Pledge in recent months. These residents made the commitment to make sure their homes are smoke and vape free. This includes letting all guests to your home know about this commitment as well. Thank you to all the amazing staff at these senior housing facilities that helped bring the smoke free housing pledge to their residents. Thank you residents for doing your part to reduce the risk of exposure to second and third-hand smoke and electronic aerosol and supporting the work of Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ in increasing access to clean air where New Jersey residents live, work and play.



Working Well Tobacco Free: Safely Back to School and Work

Working Well Tobacco Free is helping businesses prepare to return back to the office this Fall. It is important to prevent and reduce transmission while maintaining healthy and smoke-free environments!

Here are a few general guidelines to help you prepare:

Be sure to follow the updated CDC guidelines to prevent and reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace. Reference CDC:

Make employee mental health a top priority in the workplace by supporting them through the transition of returning to the office. Reference American Psychiatric Association:

Implement a 100% smoke-free work environment to protect the health and safety of your employees and visitors. Reference ANRF:



The Incorruptible.US members have continued to meet through-out the summer! With their help, TFHNJ has been able to spread awareness on the dangers of e-cigarettes through out the state of NJ. In an effort to help youth and young adults quit vaping, TFHNJ has partnered with the Truth Initiative to help spread awareness for "This is Quitting", a free, text-to- quit program. Since "This is Quitting" was launched in 2019, nearly 350,000 Youth and young adults have enrolled in this program. Messages are based on best practices, are age appropriate and supportive for youth and young adults. All services are confidential and available 24/7.

To enroll in “This Is Quitting”, youth and young adults can text “VAPEFREENJ” (all one word) to 88709.



As a new feature, TFHNJ would like to recognize the changemakers. These changemakers have taken steps to ensure that they are staying smoke-free, through policy change and usage of signage!


For more information, click the image below!


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