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If you are a smoker and interested in quitting, then you’ve come to the right place. Most ex-smokers attempt to quit an average of seven times before they actually succeeded. So if you’re feeling scared, or unsure, or just plain not ready, you are not alone!


  • More people die of tobacco related illness every year than alcohol, AIDS, drug use, murder and suicide combined.
  • A pack a day smoker spends approximately $3,000 on cigarettes every year.
  • Women smokers have a harder time getting pregnant, and have more complications both during and after pregnancy.
  • Smoking in men can lead to difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection.
  • Smokers believe that smoking relieves stress, but actually smoking is a stimulant that raises heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse.
  • Smoking “light” or “low tar” cigarettes DOES NOT reduce your risk for tobacco related illness,
  • Babies exposed to second hand smoke breathe in more smoke than adults because their lungs are smaller and work faster.
Quit Resources

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