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ENDS – No Vaping Campaign

There has been a growing increase in tobacco consumption using Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) over the past couple years, particularly amongst NJ youth. Many users claim that “vaping” is not smoking, therefore dismissing the growing addiction to nicotine. In addition, many employers, universities and business owners are unaware that use of e-cigarettes is included in the NJ Clean Indoor Air Act, and therefore CANNOT be used indoors. Finally there is the danger of sweetly flavored liquid nicotine, toxic to young children and harmful to the lungs of those who inhale it. The New Jersey Department of Health’s Tobacco free for a Healthy NJ has teamed up with Mom’s Quit Connection to educate the public about the dangers of ENDS to children and to users in our state. This campaign includes the dissemination of 1 sided brochures, table top tents, and posters targeting public places, worksites and youth across the state. Our goal is to make these materials available statewide, but your help is needed to succeed. As a key preventive health resource in your community, we are asking you to house and disseminate these materials through schools, universities, businesses, health care providers, and worksites and anywhere else this message should be heard in your region. Please review the campaign materials in the gallery below and indicate how many packs you would like of each on the ENDS Campaign order form. We will arrange to deliver the materials, either in person or through mail, at no cost to you.  Your information will be entered into our ENDS/vaping materials Dissemination database, to track inventory and other data needed for evaluation of this effort.  Any questions can be sent to Patti Waring - Feel free to explore this site for additional information about tobacco control resources in NJ. For information about professional training contact Cathy Butler, Assistant Director of Public Health Programs at 4X9 1 Sided Signs
4.5x4.25 TableTop Tents (reversible, with "Stop Sign" on the inside)
11x17 Posters

Funded by the New Jersey Department of Health-Office of Tobacco Control and Fitness